About Bankston

A beautiful space reveals the character and personality of those who not only inhabit it, but also those who help to create it. It becomes a living extension of their identity.

Life which is realised in the finishing touches – the idea that a living space makes a connection to its residents through a crafted balance of design and beauty that is as accessible as it is enduring.

Bankston. Finishes That Connect.

Superior Quality and Design

Bankston is driven by a passion for detail, high-quality craftsmanship and exceptional design. Combining leading-edge manufacturing methods with the beauty of solid-forged brass to craft products of true distinction. Bankston aims to push boundaries and excite, partnering and working closely with some of the world’s best architects and designers to create an unmatched range of architectural hardware and accessories.

  • Environmental Focus

    Bankston has a responsibility to the communities that support us and the environment that sustains us. Bankston is constantly working to lessen overall environmental impact, from streamlining manufacturing processes, to creating more sustainable packaging and providing online resources. Products are crafted to the highest quality, ensuring their sustained functionality and aesthetics for years to come.

  • Fire Resistant

    All Bankston door furniture and pull handles* are fire rated to 2 hours, successfully meeting the requirements of Australian Standard 1530.4:2014 on Firecore doors. Bankston’s vision is to provide customers with an unrivalled combination of quality, price, and durability. Bankston products are a great fit for all residential and commercial projects, offering on-trend designs and finishes with enhanced functionality.

    *excludes Associati and Super Moon.

  • Quality Materials and Finishes

    The enduring quality of Bankston products is integral throughout the design and manufacturing process. All products are crafted from solid-forged brass, a metal renowned for its durable beauty and inherent warmth. Brass is also anti-microbial and is not susceptible to rust. Various methods are used to create Bankston’s unique finishes. From delicate hand-aged colours, to leading-edge plating techniques that give the finishes unrivalled endurance and clarity.